19 February 2019


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An Insight into COINS Values

Robert Brown, CEO of construction software company COINS, gives an insight into our key values.

COINS are a global software solutions provider, working exclusively in the construction industry.

We’re very collaborative as an organisation and innovative - through collaboration with our customers, alongside the innovation that we’ve continually put into our construction software products we’ve managed to keep pace with the changing industry requirements.

The benefit of what we do for the construction industry is to help them, really, improve margins in their business, also help them to make sure that their supply chains are compliant with regulations, with skill levels, etc and offer construction software solutions. It’s our construction software that enables them to understand that and hopefully put better mechanisms in place for them to achieve that.

COINS has another half of the company, in some respects, represented in social responsibility through the COINS foundation. We believe that with success comes a responsibility to give something back both to the construction industry and to society as a whole. So we thought why not combine both and have a global competition where we’re seeking out innovation that would help the construction industry to become better, but at the same time build sustainability for the planet. Through the competition we get an insight into the way that other people are thinking about the industry, that are new into the industry with new ideas and new things that people haven’t considered.

There’s a genuine heartfelt feeling within all of COINS and COINS people, that we want to help people in the construction industry to become more successful, and hopefully through that, help everybody on the planet because the built environment is all around us and if we can make buildings, roads, railways better through doing our small piece to help our customers who make the major change, it’s something for everybody in the business to be very proud of.

COINS is a construction software business, offering solutions for companies in the built environment, engineering and construction across the globe - including construction project managment and ERP. 

Could your idea improve the construction industry or the built environment?  The 2019 COINS Grand Challenge is an opportunity to win funding of over £100k, business support and more.

COINS Grand Challenge is a global competition to support innovation within the construction industry. Open to anyone with ideas to improve construction - from reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving sustainability, safety, quality or compliance throughout the built life cycle. The challenge has two entry categories, professional and undergraduate

Last year, 11 finalists represented 7 countries and a wide variety of ideas. The 2019 COINS Grand Challenge is now open for entries, with the deadline entries being 12 April – find out more and enter online at www.coins-grandchallenge.com



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