28 August 2019

COINS Foundation

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COINS Foundation – addressing social injustice all over the world

COINS Foundation is the 'not for profit' organisation of the COINS group which aims to use enterprise to address issues of social justice. Erin Orford, the programmes and social media assistant explains more…

COINS Foundation is the not-for-profit part of the COINS Group, and are fully subsidised by COINS. We're in a very fortunate position where we're not seeking funding but we're looking to change perceptions and create action.

Leading by example, we aim to change thinking and behaviour on a global basis, to inspire businesses and individuals to contribute to a socially responsible venture or cause they’re passionate about.

We want to encourage other businesses to use business as a force for good to behave responsibly and to support their other causes and people less fortunate than themselves, and also to encourage consumers to support these responsible businesses.

One of the social enterprises supported by the COINS Foundation is the Cookie Bar.

100% of the profits from the Cookie Bar go to Stepping Stones School, a school for students with mild to moderate disabilities. The Cookie Bar is based in Hindhead and operates as a social enterprise café so our students come in to gain work experience there.

They learn how to bake, work behind the scenes, they operate the tills and the people that go there know that it's a safe environment. If students need a bit more time to work out change it's more forgiving than an average street café.

We not only use the profits of our commercial enterprises but our business knowledge and acumen to coach and mentor the people, projects and organisations that we support.  Our partnerships with NGO’s, social enterprises and other organisations demonstrate how collaborations can contribute more effectively to social causes.

The COINS Foundation supports projects all over the world.

We have full control over both what and how we support projects, this allows us to have maximum impact. We collaborate with other organisations who are aligned in our thinking and whose values and objectives are consistent with those of COINS Foundation. We work exclusively with disadvantaged people, whether that’s economic, social, physical and mental as everyone deserves the opportunity to create a better future for themselves.

In Australia we support Big hART,an organisationwhich uses the creative arts to raise awareness of social issues. Big hART shed light on invisible stories, bringing hidden injustice into the mainstream.

We support PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)which encourages young people to continue their education, supporting them through to secondary school in some of Uganda and Zambia’s most underserved areas.

We also support Habitat for Humanitywho believe that everyone has the right to a safe home - that's an important part of breaking the cycle of poverty. We provide microfinance loans which enable families to build their homes incrementally.

There's a lot of stuff going on all over the world!




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