Two Factor Authentication

Many e-commerce sites employ two-factor authentication, requiring another authentication method to supplement the password. COINS now offers this capability, which is suitable for remote users beyond the company firewall.
After the user enters their username and password, an email with a time-limited passcode is sent to the user. The user enters this passcode into the second login panel and is granted access to the system.

Microsoft Outlook Email Integration Enhancements

From within Microsoft Outlook, attach an email to a COINS record, for example a project or opportunity record. The COINS Mail Assistant displays in the right-hand pane next to the email and leads you through a few easy steps to link the email and it attachments to the record.
Having relevant emails attached to the ERP record eliminates time-consuming searches when you need to refer to that email later.


Email Templates & Triggers

When a new client is signed, it would be great to immediately send an email to notify the appropriate client services manager. Now you can! With the new Email Templates & Triggers capability, an end user can set a trigger on a field value, such as an opportunity being closed. Specify the email template and recipients by role or email address.

Job Cost and Finance


Job Reporting Enhancements

When building a report, one does not want to run into a limit on specifying selection criteria. COINS has expanded the number of job analysis sets that are available for a given job from 4 to 10. But there’s more—we’re introducing configurable field groups for the Job Master Table.
Simply go into a selected Job Master file and add the company-specific or global-specific fields needed for reporting. Up to 20 configurable fields can be added. Combined with the increase in analysis sets, this means that a potential 30 field selection criteria can be available for a job.

Single Page AP Invoice Entry & PO Entry

All fields on the Invoice Entry screen are now on a single page. Users scroll instead of moving between tabbed panels. Entering the PO number shows the PO detail including the remaining balance.
The user immediately sees if the value of the invoice exceeds the remaining PO balance, enabling this to be addressed now rather than having to back out the entry later.
A related improvement is the ability to add dynamic lines to the single page material order entry. As the user tabs through the fields of a row, a new row is added when the tab key is pressed at the end of a row, similar to a Microsoft Office table. And, the rows can be dragged to be reordered.


Enhanced Invoice Import

Traditionally in COINS, imports required an initial load of the data. If there were errors with the import file the user would have to go back and repair the source file.
Now, instead of reporting errors up front, the imported data is loaded into a workspace. The user can view a table of individual invoice records for a particular load. From the workspace, the records can be validated against the database. If a record fails, the user opens up a draft transaction and fixes the data. No need to go back to the load file to correct the error.

GL Inquiry Configuration

Configuration options have been enhanced to allow users to configure a more usable and valuable online financial statement. Drill-down shows all of the accounts that make up a row, displaying the same columns that were shown at the higher level.


Home Builders


Customer Workbench

Customers have asked to make it easier to find all of the information related to a customer or prospect, without moving to different modules.
Now, from within one screen, it’s easy to view a customer summary, open actions, history, calls, issues, tasks, documents, and more.

Bill of Quantities Matrix Screen

The BOQ is about building up the items that go into the material and subcontract packages to build the house. A new matrix view gives a quick view of the status of packages for different plots.
Hover to see the status of package ordering, pricing, and supplier selection. Right-click to select an action, such as placing the order.


Service Management

Quickly add POs to Service Orders

COINS continually looks for ways to reduce the number of clicks or screens it takes for users to execute tasks. On the Service Work Orders list, there is now an “Add Material PO” action in the Choose Action selector.
For users adding higher volumes of purchase orders, efficiency is increased with an optional “Add PO” button directly on each service order row.


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Release History Highlights

Major Highlights from our previous releases


- Two Factor Authentication
- Microsoft Productivity Tools Integration

Home Builders
- Single Page Customer Workbench
- Bill of Quantities Matrix Screen
- Mail Merges from Sales Workbench

CRM (Marketing)
- Email Templates & Triggers

Service Management
- Quickly add POs to Service Orders

- Single Page AP/PL Invoice Entry
- Enhanced Invoice Imports
- Index SC Certs from Document Management
- Job Reporting Enhancements
- User-specific Job Lists
- GL Inquiry Configuration -

Job Management
- Auditing Enhancement to CVR/Forecast
- CVR Recognised Revenue Calculation Enhancement (UK)



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- Dynamic Queries
- COINS Pivot Table Viewer
- Redesigned main contract screen

- New Risk & Opportunities Register
- Master Contract Enquiries and Reporting
- Update your risks and opportunities when processing a CVR
- BPF (Business Planning & Forecasting) Standard Data Marts
- Subcontract Contras Workbench
- Master Contract Enquiries & Reporting

Home Builders
- Home Building Construction Workbench Gantt Chart
- Home Building Construction Workbench Forecasting New Matrix
- Updated Rightmove Integration
- New Bill of Quantities (BoQ) Multi Trade Orders

Service Management
- FM Desktop Tiles



- Redesigned user interface with new styling usability and technical enhancements.
- Extended Search Capability (SOLR)

Home Builders
- Outlook Email Add-In. Sent emails and attachments can now be stored in COINS.

CRM (Marketing)
- Screens have been redesigned to improve the user experience.
- BPF Project Forecasting

Document Management
- Contract and FM Enquiries Smart Paperclip.

- A set of operational performance charts and tiles has been made available for the FM desktop.

- GL Transaction Reconciliation
- SC Certificate Entry - Zero Value Movement
- UK SC CIS: Negative Values in Monthly Returns

Job Management
- Commercials Excel 2010 Support

Human Capital Management
- Expenses

- Van Stock Requisitions



- Global Tables Maintenance
- LDAP Authentication
- Continuing Improvement of the COINS Desktop

CRM (Marketing)
- Contacts Workbench update
- Create Mailshot
- Project Workbench redesign

- Task SORs
- Fixed Appointments

- Ageing Report Configuration
- Weekly Cost Reporting available in Contract Status

Health and Safety
- Site Safety Audits

Home Builders
- BoQ Usability Improvements

  Job Management
- Budget Period Spread
- Multi-Company Reports

Human Capital Management
- UK Annual Leave Auto Calculate Entitlement
- Australia-Specific Payroll

- Override Cost Head
- Stock Transaction Enhancements

- Project Resource Management
- Multi-Contract Orders
- Procurement Planning changes
- Purchase Order Prints: Email Templates
- Auto Close PO Lines in Invoice Matching
- Two-Way Matching Tolerance Check Enhancements
- Procurement Budget Control Enhancements



- Following on from the release of the COINS Desktop in v11.02, new functionality has been added.
- Global Search added
- New Report Builder

- Allocate receipts and payments across companies when using the quick cash entry functions.
- For the UK market, payment financing is now available for subcontractor payments as well as supplier payments.

- Business Planning and Forecasting enhanced
- The construction forecast via a visual representation in the style of a Gantt chart

- Automatic postponement for Pension Auto Enrolment can now be set when an employee starts.

Procure to Pay
- Purchase card functionality has been extended to allow PCard transactions



- New customisable Desktop displays
- COINS functions can be run in frames
- New designer tool
- Dashboards

Contracting Commercial
- Enhancements to the CVR
- This release includes a number of efficiency enhancements

- New reports have been made available in OA to show electronic registered invoices

Home Builders
- New functionality on Sales Schemes reporting
- Claims Workbench offers improved handling of VAP rebates
- New resource planning features
- mCare Mobile app
- mSite Mobile app

- Price enquiries can now be created from requisitions or requisition lines, and a spreadsheet sent to the potential suppliers

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