Our Mission

COINS Foundation is the not for profit organisation of the COINS group. We use enterprise to address issues of social justice. Our aim is to use the power of business to create a better and more sustainable future.

COINS Foundation supports a wide range of social initiatives. We influence people to think differently about poverty, disability and injustice. We also look to influence others to start social enterprises and to commit equity from the outset into foundations and charities.

At the heart of COINS Foundation is a desire to see real and positive change in individual lives, communities and business. The projects that we support are wide in scope, yet all share a key theme of sustainability.

All of COINS Foundation’s overheads are covered by the COINS Group, meaning that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to our project partners.

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VIDEO: COINS Foundation
- An Introduction

The COINS Foundation was established to serve that aim...

Building The Infrastructure of Successful Communities

Our Core Values

We are committed to supporting social enterprises and businesses with a social mission and believe that economic and social value should be intertwined. With privilege comes responsibility to do something and the ability to make a difference.

Through business, social enterprise and the charities that we support, we can be an example of the art of the possible. We are not looking to provide a solution to today’s social problems, but to affect the way that people think about some of society’s bigger issues by getting a trend in the right direction.

Our Philosophy is based on sharing

  • If you have wealth and success - share it.
  • If you have creative talent - share it.
  • If you have intellect and skills - share it.

What We Do

COINS Foundation has three core areas of focus:

  • Engage others to think differently about business and social justice

We are working to make the Foundation more sustainable. We are also influencing business owners to commit equity or profit shares to a foundation or charity.

  • Encourage social enterprises

We set up the Cookie Bar as a social venture to generate profit and deliver social goals. We run it for profit as a business but invest the profits socially - half to schools, half to projects supported by COINS Foundation.

The Hotel Birgkarhaus in Austria operates as a social enterprise hotel. ALL profits are reinvested back into social justice and social enterprise initiatives both locally and internationally.

  • Support sustainable programmes internationally

We support programmes that empower individuals and communities. These initiatives foster skills, confidence and prosperity, and encourage greater independence.

We build and benefit from partnerships with individuals, companies, traditional charities, social enterprises and NGOs.

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