Data Replication at PAR Electric

Data Replication at PAR Electric

Embracing the Automation, Bandwidth and Speed of Modern Business.

COINS Technical Services provides you with one stop shopping for COINS server hardware and database configurations. We are a certified IBM reseller and provide all the services required to properly size, configure and deploy fast, reliable and resilient COINS servers for your business. This includes methods and procedures to give you rapid availability of your COINS databases at a remote site. Recently, there has been a lot of client interest in real time database replication to protect and increase the resiliency of COINS deployments.

“Here at Par Electric we had been using a manual backup process involving third party software that was cumbersome and time consuming,” commented Oren Birks, IT Manager for Par Electric. “When looking to streamline our business continuity, replication rose to the surface in our discussions with COINS.”

Real time replication allows your COINS data to be saved to two different COINS servers (source and target) at the same time. If the primary source production server unexpectedly becomes unavailable, COINS users can connect to a second target Disaster Recovery (DR) server and continue working with minimal down time. Two servers (physical or virtual) are deployed to accomplish replication and are typically installed in different cities. “In our case, we chose two virtual servers for the replication and backup and one physical server for production,” said Oren.

We have been deploying COINS servers with data replication for several years and have recently modified how the target DR server is configured to allow for easy, anytime, push of a button DR server testing. This is a great enhancement for anyone needing to pass a SOX technical audit, since your DR test can be conducted at any time or day of the week as desired. “Being a public company, we are required to test our backup quarterly; but with replication in place, we now test monthly,” Oren stated.

The new configuration allows a complete running copy of COINS on the DR server with your data to always be available for user access for testing. A separate area on the DR server contains an active replication target of the production databases. With the selection of a menu item, the replicated target database is copied to the DR copy of COINS. This means the DR server can be refreshed whenever necessary with up-to-the-second data. This refresh does not interfere with the primary source production server and can be repeated as often as desired. Oren commented, “This has saved us a tremendous amount of time. We used to only perform differential backups each night and saved full backups for the weekend. Now the full backup that once took 24 hours is now done each night, and it takes 8 minutes to copy it to the DR server with no additional overhead required.”

Imagine the secure feeling of being able to test your COINS DR plan with current data at will. Faulty tape drives and pending storms will not seem so ominous when knowing your data is automatically being replicated off-site to a DR server that is configured and ready to go. “We know that within 45 minutes of the production server going down,” stated Oren, “we can be up and running with 100% availability on the DR server.”

Oren said that he would recommend replication to other businesses looking for a reliable, easily administered business continuity solution with a focus on continuity. He concluded, “It has allowed us to embrace the automation, bandwidth and the speed of modern business!”

Our COINS Technical Services staff is ready to discuss how you can benefit from upgraded hardware and real time data replication.


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