Mobile Technician for iPad

Mobile Technician for iPad
Mobile Technician for iPad

iPads are changing the way technicians do their jobs at Ruthrauff Service LLC and Sauer Building Solutions (part of Sauer Holdings).

Bruce Lawther, Operations Manager of Ruthrauff Service LLC, pointed out several positive outcomes introducing an iPad-based COINS Mobile Technician solution within his group, where the elimination of paper has saved time for both technicians and supervisors. Bruce explained, “Sorting through and reviewing the previous day’s service reports used to be a   2- to 3-hour process each morning. Now I am able to do it in an hour and be on to other things.”

Prior to implementing the mobile solution, technicians used company-issued fax machines to send in their reports, a process that would often lag behind a few days. “Instant feedback from the field has been very helpful for me as an operations manager, and the dispatchers are happy as well. However, the real proof came when a 20-year veteran technician commented that he really liked the device,” said Bruce.

Sauer Building Solutions chose Otterbox Defend cases for the iPads and so far that has been working well. At first, the company limited what the technicians could do on the iPads because it was worried about using up bandwidth and incurring extra costs. Now, only streaming music and video are restricted and Sauer Building Solutions actually encourages the technicians to use the devices to look up information. Pinpointing locations through the mapping apps and looking up manuals and storing them in iBooks are especially helpful.  Bruce commented, “We encourage the technicians to show the customers when they are looking up information on the iPad. This way, customers see that the technician is being more productive and not surfing the Internet or using the device for games. The customer feedback has all been very positive.”

Bruce has implemented 3 different locations with the Mobile Technician iPad app and 52 field technicians are live on it. He averages that it takes about 1 day to hear from a customer that they are happy with the change.“A banking customer of ours with multiple locations was thrilled when they received an email as soon as the work was completed at one of their locations instead of waiting for a paper copy or until they received or made a phone call.”

The new Mobile Field Service for the iPad product has expanded on the solid functional foundation of the existing mobile technician platform but leverages the iOS tool set for a more usable Internet-based application. It is designed to work with both COINS Ti and COINS OA. As part of our improved user-interface/experience efforts, the screens are intuitive and easy to navigate. Graphical displays throughout the application make tasks such as adding Materials, Equipment, Other Costs and Mileage easy for the technicians. The ability to add photographs to the equipment file allows quick reference for the technicians, or an added validation for any repairs that might be needed.

Mobile technology has been and will remain a focus for COINS. We will continue to improve and shape the functionality of the Mobile Field Service application so we can deliver leading technology to our customers.


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